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The Mind Map Channel website is a growing knowledge base that supports your exploration of history and is dedicated to factual, referenced and organised information that is based upon the work of Professor Antony C. Sutton.

In short, Prof. Sutton uncovered large discrepancies to historical events and documented them. By doing this, he was exposing the history of the deep state.

What is the deep state doing ?

… Hear it first hand from Dr Dave Janda, advisor to the administration of President Ronald Reagan (Bohemian Club. Hon. Freemason.) and Vice President George H. W. Bush (S&B 1948. Freemason. Bohemian Club. Delta Kappa Epsilon)“We were told that the right left axis was pure theatre and it was meant to divide and conquer the public … don’t pay any attention to it. The real axis to work on was the up down axis, up being freedom and down being oppression … [meeting attendees] were told to focus on the upside of that axis of freedom … there were others working on oppression … People working on oppression ? The answer to that, is yes.”.

Thank god for the deep state”, John McLaughlin (Delta Sigma Phi), Acting Director and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence by President George W. Bush (S&B 1968) and Bill Clinton (Rhodes 1968).

With a little effort from you, the website material helps explain how this was achieved.

IMPORTANT: All people, including living fraternity / secret society members should be given the opportunity to change course for the betterment of humanity and our society. As a result, the profiles have been reduced to exclude many living members at this time.

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The cyclopædia of fraternities by Albert Clark Stevens, 1854- (1899) … is useful to understand the scope.

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