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Brayton Ives

Finance, Manufacture and Railroad Executive. Russell Military Academy (founded by S&B co-founder William Huntingdon Russell). Yale University. Member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion and of the Century Club, and was one of the trustees of the Grant Monument Association.[4]

Chairman of The Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company.[9]

President of the Metropolitan Trust Company of New York, the Atlantic Safe Deposit Company, the Standard Milling Company, and the Hecker-Jones-Jewell Milling Company.[4]

Director of The Mercantile Trust Company, The United States Guarantee Company

Early in life he became a collector of antiques, books and manuscripts, Oriental porcelains, jades, carved stones and ivory, and things of the sort, and his collection hadacquired a worldwide reputation at the time it was sold,about twenty years ago. At one time he had a library of more than 6,000 volumes, including a number of works from fifteenth century presses, and a collection of twohundred rare books relating to the settlement of this country.[4]

1884, One of the founders, President of the Grolier Club.[4]

1893 to 1896 - President of Northern Pacific Railway.[4]

Preceded by Thomas Fletcher Oakes. Succeeded by Edward Dean Adams.

From 1 Apr 1889 - President of the Western National Bank of New York City.[4]

1876, 1878 to 1880 - Vice President and President of the New York Stock Exchange.[4]

Preceded by Henry Meigs Jr. Succeeded by Donald Mackay.

1867 - Married Eleanor Anderson Bissell.

American Civil War - U.S. of American Union - Commissioned 23 Jul 1861. 25 Sept 1861 - promoted to Captain, and was named Assistant Adjutant General, with the rank of Captain. On the staff of General Orris S. Ferry (S&B 1844) until Jul 1863. May 1864, Commissioned major of the First Connecticut Cavalry. Nov 1864, Promoted to be lieutenant colonel of the same regiment. 17 Jan 1865, Colonel. 13 Mar 1865, Brevetted brigadier general, for gallantry at the battles of Ream’s Station, Deep Bottom, Five Forks, and Sailors’ Creek.[4] He was the youngest General in the Union Army at the time of his promotion being only twenty four years old. [6]

1861, Graduated Yale College.[4]

Died 22 Oct 1914, from complication of diseases Known. Age 74.


Son … Sherwood Bissel Ives (S&B 1893) - died from accidental gunshot wound.

2 Aug 1865 - He was mustered out and promoted on the recommendation of General Philip Sheridan to brevet Brigadier General for gallantry at the battles of Ream’s Station, Five Forks and Sailor’s Creek. Ives was humbled by the promotion to General and so said to General Sheridan, but Sheridan remarked “This distinction is no gift, you have won it, your gallantry has earned it.”

17 Jan 1865, he was promoted to full Colonel, and after the capitulation of General Lee he commanded General Grant’s escort when Grant went to Appomattox to accept Lee’s surrender. [6]

During 1864 he was attached to the Army of the Potomac and took part in Sheridan’s raid from May 9 to May 26, 1864. [6]

1861 - Ives graduated from Yale University and shortly afterwards enlisted in the Union army as Adjutant of the 5th Connecticut.[6]

Summer of 1864 he served under the command of General George Custer.[6]

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