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John Trumball Robinson (S&B 1893)

Hartford Public High School. Yale University. Skull and Bones. Eta Phi. Psi Upsilon.

Member Executive Committee Hartford Chapter American Red Cross; Member Connecticut Bar Association, Connecticut Historical Society, American Bar Association, and South Congregational Church, Hartford.

Director Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and Hartford Gas Company.

1928 to 1930, Vice-President, 1930 to 1932, President, Hartford County Bar Association.[4]

WW1 - 1917 - Chairman Hartford Committee for National Prohibition.[4]

1916 to 1917, Vice-President, 1917 to 1918, President, Yale Alumni Association of Hartford.[4]

1908 to 1912 - U.S. Attorney, District of Connecticut.[4]

1905 - Married Gertrude Doolittle, daughter of Judge Alfred Conkling Coxe (B.A. Hamilton College 1868;LL.D. Columbia 1904) and Maryette (Doolittle) Coxe, and sister of Judge Alfred C. Coxe, Jr., ‘01. Children. Gertrude Trumbull, the wife of John H. G Pierson, ‘27, and John Trumbull, Jr., (S&B 1937).[4]

1904 - Delegate-at-large National Republican Convention.[4]

1903 to 1906 - Chairman Hartford Republican Town Committee.[4]

1902 to 1904 - Charity Commissioner of Hartford.[4]

1901 to 1903 - Appointed by Governor George P. McLean executive secretary of Connecticut.[4]

Note: Weeks-McClean Act (in 1913) … Rep. Frank C Mondell of Wymoning attacked the measure for upsetting states rights in the constitutional system…. “if this bill should become a law no man who voted for it would ever be justified in raising his voice, he could not logically raise his voice against any extension, no matter how extreme, of the police authority and control of the Federal Government … pass this bill and every barrier standing against the assertion of Federal police control in every line and with regard to every act and activity of the American people is broken down, and we no longer have a government of self-governing States but are well on the way to an empire from this Capital.[6]

John W. Weeks of Massachusetts successfully attached the Weeks-McLean Act to an appropriations bill in March 1913. Some of the provisions in the act proved controversial in their expansion of federal powers and were declared unconstitutional by various courts. With the advice of Elihu Root, McLean immediately introduced new legislation giving the president the power to negotiate a treaty to regulate the hunting of migratory birds.

During his tenure, the governor’s administrative staff was restructured, as well the state militia; and a tax commission office was founded. McLean did not seek reelection due to ill health, and left the governor’s office on January 7, 1903.

1896 - Admitted to Connecticut bar and had since practiced in the firm of Robinson & Robinson and its successor, Robinson, Robinson & Cole, Hartford.[4]

1893 - Graduated Yale, Skull and Bones Patriarch.[1]

Died 27 Nov 1937, from Cerebral Thrombsis. Age 66.[4]

Son … John Trumbull Robinson Jr. (S&B 1937. Date father died)

Brother … Lucius F. Robinson (S&B 1885)

Brother … Henry Seymour Robinson (S&B 1889)

Uncle … Lucius Franklin Robinson (S&B 1843)

Cousin of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

**Lucius F. Robinson (S&B 1843) - uncle of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

**Lucius F. Robinson (S&B 1885) - cousin of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

Rep. Henry Champion Deming (S&B 1836) - great-uncle of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

Charles Clerc Deming (S&B 1872) - second cousin of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

Henry Champion Deming (S&B 1872) - second cousin of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

Laurent Clerc Deming (S&B 1883) - second cousin of Arthur Leffingwell Shipman (S&B 1886)

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