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Gayer Gardner Dominick (S&B 1909)

Yale University. Skull and Bones.

Director of many corporations including the Bank of America, the National City Bank, the Continental Insurance Company, the Greenwich Savings Bank and the Shell Oil Company.[9]

Limited Partner, Dominick & Dominick, (NYC);

Governor 3 terms, New York Stock Exchange.[2]

1948 to 1953 - President, Roosevelt Hospital.[2]

WW2 - A consultant in the Office of Price Administration in Washington.

1955 - Trustee, Iolani School, Honolulu, HI.[2]

Great Depression - 1935 - Elected Governor of the New York Stock Exchange and served on the board after Securities and Exchange Commission was formed. As a member of the so called “Committee of Five” during the S.E.C. hearings, he helped to select the first paid President of the Stock Exchange.[9] (Charles Richard Gay)

WW1 - Lt, Navy-Submarine, Lighter-than-Air

Married Cordelia Eleanor Hoyt.[2]

1910 - He became a member of the family investment firm, and was named a Senior Partner in 1926.

1909 - Graduated Yale, Skull and Bones Patriarch.[1]

Died 18 Aug 1961, from Not Known. Age 64.[4]

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