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Sherburne Black Eaton (S&B 1862)

Lawyer. Phillips Academy. Yale University. Skull and Bones. Brothers in Unity.

1899 - Married Anna Maria Kenny. Died 18 Apr 1913. No children.

1897, Retired from active practice, although his name remainedin the firm of Eaton, Lewis & Rowe until his death, and of late years spent much of his time in Europe.

Became president of Edison Light Company and general counsel of various connected companies as well as the personal counsel of Mr Edison.

1881 - Aged 41, Withdrew to take charge of Edison Electric Light Company at the beginning of its career.

1877 to 1881- One of his partners was his classmate Governor Daniel H. Chamberlain(S&B 1862), the firm being Chamberlain, Carter & Eaton.

Moved to NYC, practiced law. Speciality of bankruptcy and corporation law, in particular, of practice under the custom laws. A notable argument was that before the Committee of Ways and Means at Washington, in a successful effort of the NY Chamber of Commmerce and associated bodies for reform in the revenue laws.

1868 - Married to Anne, daughter of Richard McClevey of Chicago. Died 5 Dec 1878. No Children.

1866 - Partnership with Hubert S. Brown (S&B 1861) in Chicago. In the great fire of Oct 1971, both his business quarters and residence were entirely consumed.

1865 - Treasury Department (President Andrew Johnson (Freemason))

Oct 1862 to Nov 1864 - American Civil War - Union Army - Major

1862 - Graduated Yale, Skull and Bones Patriarch

Died 1 Dec 1914, from Diabetes. Age 74.

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