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William Henry Tiffany (S&B 1840)

A son of Comfort Tiffany, was born in Killingly, Conn., Feb 10, 1819.[4]

He was engaged in business with his only brother (the founder of the house of Tiffany & Co., gold and silver smiths), in New York City, until 1849, when he went to California, where he remained for fourteen years, occupied in mining, real estate operations, and other pursuits, and a prominent member of the Pioneer Society.[4]

After his letum in 1863, he resided most of the time in New York City, but more recently in Stamford, Conn., where he died, Dec 23, 1880, in his 62d year. He was unmarried.[4]

1840 - Graduated Yale, Skull and Bones Patriarch.[1]

Died 23 Jan 1880, from TBC. Age 61

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