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Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Heir presumptive to the throne of Austria-Hungary

Research … Frederic Courtland Penfield (U.S. Ambassador to Austria. Russell Military School, founded by William Huntington Russell S&B1833. Co-founder of Skull and Bones.)

His dying words to Sophie were, “Don’t die darling, live for our children.”

4 Aug 1914 - Great Britain declares war on Germany
4 Aug 1914 - German troops enter Belgium
3 Aug 1914 - Germany declares war on France
1 Aug 1914 - Germany declares war on Russia
28 Jul 1914 - Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
24 Jul 1914 - Serbia appeals to Russia for help
23 Jul 1914 - Austra-Hungary demands Serbia arrest the leaders of the Black Hand.

28 Jun 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Assassinated in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1913, Franz Ferdinand was appointed Inspector General of the Austro-Hungarian Army. A promoter of naval expansion and military modernization, Ferdinand was popular with the armed forces and in the summer of 1914 General Oskar Potiorek, Governor of the Austrian provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina, invited the Inspector of the Armed Forces, to watch his troops on maneuvers. When Potieoek made it clear that his wife, Dutchess Sophie would also be made welcome, Franz Ferdinand agreed to make the visit.[2]

Franz Ferdinand knew that the journey would be dangerous. A large number of people living in Bosnia-Herzegovina were unhappy with Austro-Hungarian rule and favoured union with Serbia. In 1910 a Serb, Bogdan Zerajic [member of the Black Hand (Unity or Death)], had attempted to assassinate General Varesanin, the Austrian governor of Bosnia-Herzegovina, when he was opening parliament in Sarajevo.[2]

1899, Emperor Franz Josef agreed a deal with Franz Ferdinand. He was allowed to marry Sophie von Chotkovato but it was stipulated that her descendants would not be allowed to succeed to the throne. It was also pointed out that Sophie would not be allowed to accompany her husband in the royal carriage nor could she sit by his side in the royal box.[2]

Franz Josef did not attend the wedding. Nor did his brothers or their families. The only people of the royal family who went to the ceremony was Franz Ferdinand’s stepmother, Maria Theresia, and her two daughters. Over the next few years the couple had three children: Sophie (1901), Maximilian (1902) and Ernst (1904).[2]

1888 - Franz Ferdinand had first met Sophie von Chotkovato at a dance in Prague in 1888. The couple fell in love but although Sophie came from a noble Bohemian family, she was not considered a suitable woman to marry Franz Ferdinand. To be an eligible partner for a member of the Austro-Hungarian royal family, you had to be descended from the House of Hapsburg or from one of the ruling dynasties of Europe. Franz Ferdinand insisted he would not marry anyone else. Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Pope Leo XIII all made representations to Franz Josef on Franz Ferdinand’s behalf arguing that the the disagreement over Ferdinand’s marriage was undermining the stability of the monarchy.

1863 - Eldest son of Carl Ludwig, the brother of Emperor Franz Josef, was born.

Died 28 Jun 1914, from Assassination. Age 50.


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