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Clarence Winthrop Bowen (Wolf’s Head 1883)

Inherited The Independent Newspaper. Journalist. Yale University. Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Delta Beta Xi (alpha Sigma Phi). Delta Kappa Epsilon. Wolf’s Head.[4]

Inherited The Independent Newspaper from his father.

Director Continental Fire Insurance Company.[4]

Vice President American Antiquarian Society and Connecticut Historical Society.[4]

Member Executive Committee Gant Monument Association.[4]

Corresponding member Colonial Society, Boston, and Rhode Island Historical Society.[4]

Honary Member Sociedad Columbina, Spain and American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society.[4]

Trustee Manhattan Congregational Church, New York City.[4]

1907 to 1931 - President New York Genealogical and Biography Society.[4]

From 1884, Founder,Treasurer until 1914*, American Historical Association.[4]

28 Jan 1892, Married Roxana Atwater, daughter of John and Marie Atwater (Loomis) Wentworth.

1883 - Initiated Wolf’s Head (Co-founder).[4]

1874 to 1913 - with Independent until retirement.[4]

1874 - Journalist for the New York Herald Tribune.[4]

1873 to 1874, Yale Divinity School, leaving early and joined the department of history.[4]

Died 2 Nov 1935, from cerebral hemorrhage. Age 83.

Note: Father, Henry Chandler Bown founded the Independent in 1848.

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